There Are Benefits To Deer Hunting

If you enjoy hunting, you might have gone deer hunting from time to time. You possibly even have the stuffed head of a buck mounted above your fireplace, which is a very traditional decoration. However, in this day and age, it is only a matter of time before some vegan or other similar individual is invited over for dinner or a party and is aghast at what is in your wall. There is no need for a scene here, and you are unlikely to convince him or her of how deer hunting is actually a good thing, but there are a few talking points you can use to calmly make your case in a civil conversation.

First of all, any kind of hunting is about survival. While it is true that most Americans are not hurting for food, that does not make hunting unnecessary. In fact, it is better if the skill is kept alive at least among some in the population. Some hunters actually do not even eat their kills, but instead donate the meat to local kitchens and charities that feed the homeless and needy.

Secondly, the deer population in particular does need to be kept in check. The explosive growth of human cities and development over the last thirty years has seriously encroached into deer habitat, so they are very prevalent in suburban areas, where do things like cause accidents destroy gardens.

Thirdly, (and this one drives liberal environmentalists up the wall sometimes) deer hunters and other hunters are actually among the biggest conservationists out there. Hunting fees and taxes often go directly to preserving large tracts of natural wilderness. This is so there are hunting grounds, but it also provides a revenue stream for parks services to keep natural resources in a pristine state. These wooded areas provide oxygen for the atmosphere and help clean up the air, and preserve the biodiversity of the planet.

Fourth, deer hunting is a chance for friends and family to spend time outdoors getting exercise. It’s very useful for younger individuals to learn how to set goals and pursue them

Anyone so opposed to deer hunting or hunting of any other kind is unlikely to get swayed by these ideas, but if you present them in a calm, civil, and mature manner, you might just win the hearts of the crowd at the party witnessing the debate.

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